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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dog needs rescue in Kentucky-Will be euthanised 3.3.08!!


Well folks, this is it for Ruben. :-( No one has expressed any interest in him, and his time is up Monday morning. He must receive a rescue commitment before then!
Can anyone help save this boy? He has really touched the shelter staff and it is breaking their hearts to make this decision....

*Please contact James ASAP at: 502-633-0009
or e-mail: animal.adopt@...

Forwarded by Karen Hendren on 02/28/2008 09:14 AM

j c jcshelbycounty@... (at
02/28/2008 09:14 AM

Hello All,
Ruben has been at the Shelby County Animal Shelter since 1-22-08. He is a Boxer/Am. Staff. mix. His temperament and demeanor is what has saved him for so long. He gets along great with dogs, cats, kids and adults. He is an all around good dog. But...... he looks like a PIT.

Ruben deserves this chance to find a loving home. He really is one of the sweetest dogs that has been in our shelter for a while.

Since he does look PITTISH, I can not continue to let him take up a kennel. We are 6 dogs over our capacity right now, and need every available space. I can only give Ruben until Monday morning, 3-3-08, to have a firm commitment, and scheduled transport from a rescue.
PLEASE, we are full, if you call our shelter, please be calling to take him. Otherwise, please cross post to anyone you think can take him. He can only go to a rescue because of his breed.

I do not beg very often, but I am on my knees. Ruben deserves this, as do they all. If you can take him, you must be a reputable 501c3 rescue and be able to transport ASAP.
**Call the shelter at: 502-633-0009,
or email: animal.adopt@...

Thank you,
James C.
Shelby County Kentucky

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