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Friday, December 19, 2008

17 month old Alaskan Malamute needs rescued in Georgia-can you save her from her owners taking her to be killed?

This is from an online group I belong to.  Please contact the person listed at the bottom if you would like to help.

Charlotte, Alaskan Malamute in GA needs rescued!!!

12-17-08 UPDATE: The owners DO NOT CARE what happens to her! I (Julane, who is the contact person for her) spoke w/the man last night, and he said "I
just as soon take her to the pound, 20 minutes away, than have my wife drive
an hour to meet you. I really don't care what happens to her & realize she
may be put down.....I just want her GONE!" 

SO, PLEASE, HELP ME HELP HER! She is only 17 mo. old, sweet, and playful!
She's a pup that was NEVER worked with or given the attention she craves!
Consequently, she's "acting out" in being destructive!
She's spayed & current on vaccinations and will need to find rescue ASAP!
Please help this sweet girl who was NEVER given a good chance from the start
of her life to be the sweet, good girl she is!!

The reason they're giving up: "she destroys things." She runs free on a
13-acre lot, never allowed to come inside, ever, and has not received a lot
of human attention. Because of her "puppy behavior," she is now chained and
has been for 3 weeks, so she is REALLY miserable! She's destructive because she doesn't get much attention! Try ignoring your children, and see how
destructive they become! All she wants is love & attention, like all
animals! She's not wanting/needing anything more!! 

Charlotte is good w/other dogs and children as there are 3 children at her
home. She has been around cats as there is a large Manx cat at this home,
who, also, lives outdoors! She's beautiful and SWEET -- see her picture!
PLEASE notify me @ or 404 290
8261 ASAP if you're able to help Charlotte ! 

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