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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to the vet!

I just got back from taking Ramses and Isabella to the vet.  Isabella has had a chronic problem with her ears and had started scratching at her ears in the last week or so.  Before Isabella came to us, she lived with someone else.  That person or those people did not take very good care of her.  At some point, she had ear mites and they never took her to the vet so her ears just got worse and worse.  Then her owners moved out of their house and left her and Jackson in the house with no food and only toilet water to drink-and she still had ear mites!

She has been to the vet many times, today makes the 4th time since June.  Her ears are not too bad today but there is enough bacteria in there to bother her.  She doesn't have that much bacteria but the vet said she just must be sensitive.  I clean her ears once a week with a cleaning product then I use a Bur-Otic solution every 3 days.  So, now she is on medicated drops for 2 weeks.

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Ramses went to the vet because he had pretty loose stools.  I tried using something called Diar-eze , which usually solves the problem, but this time it didn't.  They did a fecal test and found no parasites.  The vet thinks that it might be stress related, or due to a parasite that they did not see.  This was not as "fresh" as it could have been but this was from the last time he went, so that is what I had to bring.  Stress makes sense since Scratchy passed away only a little over 2 weeks ago.  They were friends.  :(

Ramses was put on medication for the diarrhea, even if it is stress related, this medication will help him feel better.

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