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Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on some sad doggies. :(

I went to check on these dogs two days ago.  I knocked on the door, no answer.  I had hay to give them if they would take it.  I pulled my car to the side of the house, where I have access to their backyard, via the fence.  I was very happy to see more hay in the dog house.  It wasn't as much as I would have put in there, but it's better than what they had in there before.  I also saw that they were still using one of the buckets that I left.  I had been very concerned about the buckets tipping over.  I was happy to see that they had put some kind of stake in the ground and had secured the bucket handles to that stake.  
I think this is one reason why I go out and help dogs (even though many people tell me to stop).  I keep pressure on these "owners" to take care of their dogs.  They know that I come by and I won't let up.  It is really hard to do this and difficult to deal with people telling me to mind my own business.  I know those dogs are happy that I have not minded my own business.  Even though the entire situation isn't peachy-it's getting better!  
Above: I do not know what kind of dog this is but I believe it is an adult, not a puppy.  As you can see (hopefully-I was trying to take this picture over the fence), this dog has wet fur and there is even a leaf stuck in there somewhere.  The poor dog is their newest addition to their family-who lives outside with the other two dogs.  Why do they have ANY dogs at all?  What lies did they say to get this new dog?  No responsible animal organization would adopt out a dog, especially one so small, if they knew he was just going to be living outside.  At least he isn't chained. :(
Above: This is Red.  He is such a sweet boy!  He has not been neutered, the owners are not interested in getting him fixed.  I have tried to convince them.  He is always chained.  The owners claim that he jumps too much, so they chained him.  They also claim that he will break anything other than this large, bulky chain.  I tried giving them a steel lead, they said he would break it.  When I asked if they had tried to train him not to jump, she avoided answering me.  I doubt that they did.  These people want the easy way out and are (obviously) not living with their pets best interest in mind.  This poor dog just wants to play and be with people!  He is just stuck running around that damn tree!
This is Lady and the smaller dog.  I have not been able to make contact with these people since they obtained this littler dog so I don't know it's name.  Lady needs to be brushed.  She has huge mats in her fur and her fur appears to be falling out a bit, which could be from the mats or an illness.  The light colored tuft of fur on her side that you can see in the picture, is a huge mat.  She is a very sweet dog and wants to play so much when I come and visit.  I can't always afford to buy toys and food, so I don't bring new toys as much as I would like.  I do get some donated food from Spay Neuter Kansas City but they are located about 30 minutes from me so sometimes, I just buy the food myself.  
All three of these dogs are neglected, sporadically fed and watered, and I don't think they are ever played with or even talked to!  They are so sad and do not like their life.  They want a family.

If you know of any chained dogs in Kansas City, please, please email me!  I can help them!

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