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Monday, December 1, 2008

Can you help a dog in NY?

This is from an online group I belong to, I don't know any more information than is given here:

Smokey is an 8-year old neutered Elkhound mix. He is currently
living on a chain and will remain that way until a foster or
permanent home can be found for him. He has been on the chain his
entire life and was occasionally allowed in the house when the
weather was extremely bad but was chained to the refrigerator.
His "owner" has been put in jail and the family stops by once a day
to feed him. He is currently located in Binghamton, NY. He was
brought to my home this weekend in Rochester, NY so I could foster
him but he is aggressive toward other dogs and since I have 3 dogs
(one that is aggressive herself and another that is 15 and doesn't
get around very well), it became clear very quickly that it was not
safe to foster him here. So with no options and no possible fosters
that don't already have dogs of their own ...unfortunately, my
friend drove him back to Binghamton and he is chained again.

While he was here, he was an absolute sweetheart with adults and a 9-
year old girl. He rolled over on his belly and loved belly rubs!
He slept in the crate in the house and barked at first but I gave
him a kong filled with treats and it settled him right down and he
slept through the night with no issues. He immediately sat for
treats and was so sweet and gentle when he took them from my hands.
He has a great disposition and followed the humans everywhere we
went ... desperate to be with us. He didn't know what to do with
toys ... clearly, he's probably never had one or had anyone play
with him. He did have one accident in the house but that was more
my fault than his since I hadn't noticed the time that had passed
since his last potty break. He will likely need some housetraining
since he's never been allowed to live indoors.

He has a lot of energy for an 8-year old. He is extremely
affectionate ... jumped right up on my lap a number of times and got
some loving. He was good with my cat too ... his only issue seems
to be with other dogs. He was a perfect gentleman when we bathed
him, trimmed him and brushed him ... he loved the pampering! He
also jumped gates while he was here which I understand is common for
his breed so a forever home with a tall fence is ideal.

I've got someone checking on him a few times each day (since
his 'family' only stops by once per day). It's freezing cold in
upstate NY ... 8 years on the chain is already 8 years too many.
Please help me get him off the chain and inside with the family that
he deserves.

Thanks so much for anything you can do for Smokey!
Christy Merkt
Rochester, NY
I did a check on the weather up there in NY.  For the city he is in, today's high was 47 degrees and the low tonight is 28 degrees.  Please, please help if you can!  Thank You!

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