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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dogs being shot in Northland neighborhood

Tina Oaks said three dogs in two different families in one neighborhood were shot. Her son called her one day at work, frantic because Shiloh, the family's miniature beagle, was bleeding and unable to walk.  They took her to the vet and found that she had been shot and her back leg was shattered.  Her dog had been shot in their back yard in the 1200 block of Northeast 80th Terrace.

Tina Oaks called the police but they said this was a matter for animal control and that someone would call her shortly.  Within minutes someone from AC called her.  There was no witness and nobody knows who shot these dogs.  

Because there were no witnesses, the animal control says there is really nothing they can do.

They advised the residents to keep a close eye on their pets.


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