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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Low Cost Spay Neuter Options in California

1) The county of San Diego will issue $75 spay/neuter vouchers for female dogs and cats and $25 for males automatically for anyone in the qualifying zip codes of the SD shelter district.

Males $55 - $25 voucher = $30
Females $65 - $75 voucer = FREE
(prices increments raise by $20 for dogs over 40 lbs and again over 80lbs)

Males $40 - $25 = $15
Females $50 - $75 = FREE

If your zip code does not qualify, you can still get a list of the low cost vets in your area that offer the base low cost prices.
Call (619) 544-1222 Mon-Wed-Fri from 9-1. Keep calling through the busy signals!
They will also set you up with low cost vaccines if your animals has never had any.


2) SNAP offers low cost spay/neuters on their mobile spay/neuter bus the Neuter Scooter!
Qualification is based on income.

Dogs: $30 for 1st dog, $25 for each dog after that
Bully breeds - Pits, Rotweilers, and Chows and any mixes of these: $20
Cats: $20 for 1st cat, $15 for each cat after that

Included in this price is a nail trim, dose of Advantage flea drops, a rabies vaccine (for dogs only) and an E-collar (male dogs only)
Call 1-866-SPAYBUS to schedule an appt, or visit


3) The Feral Cat Coalition will spay/neuter feral (wild) and stray cats for FREE at their monthly spay/neuter clinics. Inlcudes a rabies vaccine, dose of Advantage, and ear-tip (ear notched to publically indicate neutered-status).
This service is not for pet cats.

Call (619) 758-9194 to leave a message asking for reservations to the next clinic.

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society

Clinic Hours:
By appointment only.
Tuesdays - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Drop-off ~ 
Pick-up ~ 

Please phone for an appointment:
(510) 845-3633 or (510) 845-7735, ext. 1

Every Tuesday, the BEBHS Veterinary Hospital runs a Spay/Neuter Clinic offering low-cost surgery prices to our community. Please read the requirements carefully to determine who qualifies for the Clinic. We also offer reduced prices for those who can demonstrate financial need or hardship. Appointments must be made in advance.

 Tuesday Spay/Neuter Clinic are for residents of the following cities only and income restrictions apply:
• Berkeley
• El Cerrito
• Albany
• Emeryville
• Richmond

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