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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Low Cost Spay and Neuter in Akron, Ohio Dec 13.

Akron, Ohio -

On Dec. 13, at 8:30 a.m., the Citizens for Humane Animal Practices (CHAP), in cooperation with Summit County’s Division of Animal Control, will offer a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cast at the NEFCO Building, 180 East South St. in Akron.

All spay/neuter services will be provided at the rate of $35 for male cats and $50 for female cats (price includes a $5 non-refundable fee). Citizens interested in taking advantage of these services must pre-register by calling 330-724-6181.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**


  1. Hi kristy,I think it's great what you are doing for animals,I enjoy them too.Are going to have the same offer as in Dec. on spay/neutering?I have a freind who can't really afford the service,however has a male cat that she took in from as a kitten and he is spraying her house, she's frustrated but will never get rid of him,I remembered seiing the offer in the Beacon Journal,so if you could tell me when or if thye offer will come back around I,my freind and Tiger would appreciate it,Thank you,Gwen,

  2. Gwen, clinics have hours throughout the week where they also offer low cost services. Try calling them to see if you can get an appointment.


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