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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh no! An opossum!

Last night, when I went out to feed my outdoor kitties, I decided to stay outside and see who came to eat.  I heard some crunching of leaves and waited to see who it was.  I was sitting there and saw a grey tabby kitten come to the top of a slope to the parking area. The kitten looked to be about 4 months old, judging only by it's size, of course.  I watched the kitten standing there making sure the "coast was clear" and I heard more leaf crunching.  I waited, expecting to see one of the cats I was familiar with but to my horror a huge (and I mean huge!) opposum walk in front of the kitten.  The kitten and opossum seemed to not even notice each other.  I saw the opossum walk right past the kitten and straight to the food.

I watched very anxiously not knowing what to do as the kitten walked past the opossum and went to another plate.

I went upstairs to my apartment and worried about what to do.

Tonight, I walked outside and saw a large grey tom cat staring right at me.  I walked down the stairs and tried to approach him (I am just guessing it is a male because of his size but that might not be a good idea to guess gender by size).  He kept his distance.  So, I figured, I better just back off and not try to push it.  So, I sat down and about 5 minutes later, put some food down and walked a short distance away and sat down to watch who else might come to eat.

About a minute after I sat down (about 20 feet away), the large tom cat came up to eat and about a minute later, the kitten came up.  The kitten ate with no problems but the large cat was distracted by me and kept glancing at me then going back to his food.

I have to decide what to do about the food situation.  I also need to decide if I am going to trap that kitten out there.  

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