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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dog in Chile risks life to save injured dog on highway

A traffic camera in Chile caught a heroic dog dodging cars and weaving in and out of traffic to reach an injured dog lying in the middle of the highway as cars sped by.

How sad that people just sped by and didn't try to help the dog or even slow down.  What animals will do for other animals and humans is truly touching.

The dog that was rescuing the other dog has not been found.  The other dog died shortly after being rescued by the sweet, caring dog.  If the other dog were found, he would probably be killed for being a stray.  What an absolute shame that while we all love stories like this, we are so quick to kill animals (who might do these same things that are not caught on camera).  No animal should be killed for space or because they do not belong to anyone.

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