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Friday, December 19, 2008

Kindergarten Teacher Arrested-Starved Chained Dog Had Seizures in Backyard Resulting in Death

A dog house, a bowl and a chain are all that are left of Fluff Ball.

The lab mix belonged to a Metro school teacher and her husband. They are facing felony charges alleging they starved their dog to death. Fluff Ball was about 8 years old and weighed 20 pounds.

"It should have weighed 45 to possibly even 60 pounds," said Animal Control's Judy Ladebauche. "This little dog weighed 20 pounds."

Ladebauche said Fluff Ball died of emaciation and starvation.

Sunday, a neighbor called police when the dog, chained to a tree, seemed to be having problems.

"They found the dog on a chain having severe seizures," Ladebauche said.

No one could tell Animal Control officers exactly how long it had been since Fluff Ball's last meal. Officers said another dog in the home seemed healthy and well-fed.

The dog's owners, Elizabeth and David Sadler, were arrested Monday and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. No one answered the door Thursday at the couple's Antioch home.

"(They) seemed upset and angry and felt that it was just a dog, but, unfortunately, we don't see it that way," Ladebauche said.

Elizabeth Sadler is a teacher at Hattie Cotton Elementary School, where she was arrested. She was an interim teacher until September, when she was hired full-time as a kindergarten teacher. She is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Sadler and her husband were being held in Metro jail on $10,000 bond each. Both have been released.

A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 7.

Michael Mondelli is the Judge for both of them. The hearing is in the Birch Bldg, Court Room 4C.
The prosecutor is Almalina Hernandez. 

David L. Sadler's Case Number is GS412289
Elizabeth Joy Sadler's Case number is GS412290

David L. Sadler's Case

Here is the text of the affidavit:

Arrived on the scene at 844 Rocky Mountain Pkwy on 11/30/08 at 12:18pm on 
a dog in distress complaint. Upon arrival , I observed a tan, female, severely emaciated dog chained up with what appeared to be 4 feet of chain. The dog was severely seizuring and was unresponsive. Dog was immediately confiscated and taken to Nashville Pet E.R.. The dog had current rabies tag that was registered to the defendant.  Contact was made to 
the defendant and defendant admitted ownership. The attending E.R. veterinarians diagnosed animal as severely neglected, starvation and the result of starvation was the seizuring and the dogs weight of 20 lbs. No food or water was present on scene of confiscation. 

The offense of Animal Cruelty is an Aggravated E FELONY.

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