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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Annie is feeling better

I posted about Annie not being as active as she usually is and she has returned to normal. This morning when I went in to her room, she was very excited to see me and acted like she wanted to come out into the living room. I brought her out into the living room in her cage, she is definitely not ready to be out without the protection of her cage. I have two cats, one hisses at her, the other one seems to like her.

I am going through the animal shelter I volunteer with to have her spayed and vaccinated and I am just waiting for the vet to get an appointment open. I should have gotten her spayed already but I was waiting for her to calm down a little. I felt that it might be too much to get her spayed right after trapping her, because she was so scared. Also, I didn't know how the vet would get a needle into her to give her anesthetic. I guess some vets are experienced in feral cats enough to be able give her the shot without hurting her.

Anyway, Annie is doing so well! She is doing so much better than I thought she could be. I have certainly learned a lot about feral cats through Annie.

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