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Saturday, February 23, 2008

My cat, Ashtyn, and her recent health problems

My cat, Ashtyn has had quite a lot going on in the last two to three weeks. A few weeks ago, I took her to the vet because she had a spot on her arm that had lost fur. I made the appointment for a Friday and by Monday, we were in the vet's office again! Her fur loss had spread to her face. Behind where her whiskers come out of her face had dime sized circles, that had lost fur.

The first vet appointment, the vet gave me a Synotic Solution and some medicated pads (similar to acne pads).
The next time the vet gave me Clavamox, Prednisone and I had to give her a few Lyme Baths.

A few days ago she started vomiting up her food. I have been feeding her, and my other cat, Gaby, supposedly "high quality" food for nearly 8 years now. I recently switched them to Purina One, the chicken and rice formula because the first ingredient is chicken.

For the weekend, I am only feeding them canned food. If Ashtyn stops vomiting, then I will believe her food is making her sick, not that it has anything to do with her recent health issues.

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