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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If you really care about animals, and live in Kansas City, this is for you!

We need more people!! If you are truly dedicated to helping animals, this is for you. You are actually out in the community, directly helping animals.

You can see that dog look at you with grateful eyes when you put hay in his dog house to provide him warmth. You can see how excited he is when you throw him a ball and give him some food.

You can educate an owner and get a dog off a chain, where he can run around outside without being held back and go inside at night with his family, all because of your dedication!

Even if you do one Sunday a month, you can make a difference! I have had quite a few moments where I was almost overcome with tears of happiness.

Read below for a description and contact information to get involved.

Pet Outreach: Our Outreach Program Volunteers canvasses various of the city every weekend helping needy pets. Volunteers promote responsible pet ownership through education and by providing needy pets new dog houses, hay, food and transportation of pets to and from spay/neuter clinics. This group will be hosting a meeting in March and are looking for more interested volunteers who want to get involved. If you would like to learn more about getting involved with our Pet Outreach Program please email Kate Quigley at

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