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Friday, February 22, 2008

Chained dog in New Jersey needs rescue! Owner wants to euthanize her!

I was at a jobsite today, and found that there was a dog living in a small doghouse. I didnt even see her at first, until she peeked out shyly. She is a very old (16 years old) dog who has lived her life outside tied with a chain to her doghouse. She is so skinny (though she eats, it happens when they get older) and just the most pathetic thing i have seen in a long time. She has little to no human contact except when the neighbor feeds her. The man whose house it is at, has been in the hospital, and was thinking of putting her down cause he can't take care of her anymore.

The next door neighbors say she warms up to people quickly, and gets very excited when she is brought indoors when it is too cold out. Her name is Missy, and she is a White Shepherd.

I just can' stand the thought of this dog, now that ive seen her, living what little bit of time she has like this. At least perhaps she can have some joy at the end of her life............can anyone help?

Is anyone willing to put out the effort to deal with an old dog? It may require some effort, but I think its worth it to help her have some happiness. I have a house full as you all know, and I'm not sure she can do all the stairs in my house... I have a split level.

Any suggestions? can anyone take her?

If you can help, please email:

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