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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buy stuffed animal rabbits or chicks for easter, not real ones!

Easter brings thoughts of brightly colored eggs, candy, rabbits and chicks. Their images are everywhere; on candy packages, commercials, and even greeting cards. They are cute and it’s no wonder that children would want one of their own. When buying or adopting these animals, people fail to recognize the animals will still be in their house long after the Easter excitement is over. Once that excitement is over, some people let them out in the wild where they will likely succumb to predators, cruel humans or cars, among other dangers. Human raised animals cannot and will not survive in the wild. The other alternative of relinquishing them to a shelter risks the danger of euthanasia.

This Easter, buy stuffed animals or candy bunnies and chicks. Raising a rabbit or a chick is a big responsibility. The ASPCA recommends that if children are especially excited at the thought of having a rabbit or chick as a pet; include a book or two about how to take care of them in their Easter basket and make a decision later about adopting. After the holiday, they may no longer want a rabbit.

Adopting an animal is not a decision to be made on a whim. You are adopting an animal that may live as long as 10 years and require as much work as a cat or dog, the House Rabbit Society reports.

It is important to know the facts associated with the care of rabbits and chicks:
• Rabbits start to chew, spray and dig in adolescence if not neutered.
• Your home must be “bunny-proofed” to prevent the rabbit from chewing cords and furniture.
• Rabbits are not low maintenance pets and are not a good choice for children to take care of without the assistance of an adult.
• Rabbits need to live indoors, with the family.
• Rabbits are very sensitive animals and feel frightened and insecure when being held and restrained.
• Chicks require special feeding, care, and consistent temperatures and when this is lacking they face death.
• According to, chicks often carry harmful bacteria called Salmonella.


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