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Monday, February 25, 2008

I am fostering two cats who were abandoned

I belong to a Yahoo group for feral cats and a woman on there posted a message about cats needing to be fostered.

Two cats who were abandoned in a vacant house when the renters moved will arrive at my apartment tonight. I will be fostering them until they can be adopted. All I know is that one is black and one is an orange tabby. They are going to the vet today and will be brought to my apartment this evening.

The owner of the house would have had to bring them to Kansas City Animal Control and even kittens are euthanized there so I knew they wouldn't have a chance, being adults.

It seemed pretty bleak for them. I saw the post and throughout the day, my thoughts kept returning to those cats. They had already been abandoned and now they face death simply because their owners were irresponsible?

I have space here, I thought. So, I will have an extra litter box to clean and two more mouths to feed. If it means saving their lives...then I am willing to do it.

My boyfriend doesn't seem too thrilled with this whole "cat rescue" thing. We currently have 3 cats here. I have two cats of my own (adopted them in 1999), and a feral cat (Annie) that I am taming. So, now we will have 5!?! Wow, it will be really interesting around here!

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