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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ask University of Colorado Experimenter to Stop Torturing Cats!

For nearly a decade, Moshe Solomonow at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) has been conducting invasive back surgery experiments on cats by cutting down to their spinal tissue and attaching an "S" hook to their spinal ligaments.

Whistleblower's undercover footage

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A machine then applies pressure in an effort to approximate what might happen if the cats were carrying heavy loads on their backs. Solomonow claims to be studying back problems in humans, but the physiological differences between cats' and humans' spines are significant, and ample scientific data based on human studies already exist.

In addition, a whistleblower who worked at UCHSC for five years has told PETA that the cats are being given an anesthetic called chloralose that does not appear to be effective. The whistleblower saw cats who were still moving and struggling after the drug was administered.

Based on his observations, the whistleblower was worried that the cats were still conscious and able to feel pain while the surgery was taking place. He had reason to worry—for more than 40 years, veterinarians have said that chloralose alone does not provide adequate anesthesia for surgery.

Remarkably, Solomonow has been killing cats and using ineffective anesthetics for invasive procedures for more than 15 years, funded mostly by taxpayers through federal research grants.

PETA has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has asked Solomonow to stop experimenting on cats. We need your help! Please contact Solomonow and politely ask him to stop these cruel and unnecessary experiments:

Solomonow, Moshe PhD MD(hon)

Office Phone:303-724-0384

Mailing Address:Campus Box 8343

Office Location:Research One North (RC1-North), Room 2102

Department:S/M Orthopaedics (UCD) - Orthopaedics Bioengineering Division


click here to be directed to a page that will enable you to email him

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