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Friday, February 22, 2008

Blue Pit Bull Needs Rescue in Raleigh

URGENT HELP NEEDED!! (this was NOT written by me)

> I desperately need help in getting this dog into rescue. I seized him
> from an address in southeast Raleigh on February 9, 2008. The vet
> assessed his body condition score at being a 1, a walking skeleton.
> He should be a blue Pit-bull, but he has so much hair loss throughout
> his body. He has no body fat, and is losing muscle tone. The vet
> notes says he is a very quiet and sweet dog and he likes being with
> people. He is only about 3 years old.
> He has tested a strong positive for heartworms. He has been living on
> a chain in a back yard, and sleeping on the hard ground. He has open
> sores on both wrists, left ankle and his rear end. These are
> basically 'bed sores' from repeatedly sleeping on the hard ground and
> having no body fat to cushion his bones.
> I am charging his 'owner' with animal cruelty, and he will be a guest
> of the "Wake County" jail, hopefully sometime this week.
> Please help me in getting this wonderful sweet boy into a rescue.
> Stephanie P. Williams
> Animal Control Officer
> Raleigh Police Department
> Cell (919)524-0197 / Nextel 150*26*34355

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