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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dog Missing For Months Reunites With Family in Kansas City, Missouri

Another chained dog is stolen.

This is just one more reason NOT to chain your dogs, people.

But this story has a happy ending...just barely.

A dog named Raina, was taken off her chain and stolen.

In October, someone stole a 2 1/2-year-old dog named Raina from the home of Mike and Felicia Robinson in Barnhart. The dog was taken off the chain and her collar was left on the ground.

The family posted fliers and looked all over for her, even though it should have been apparent that she was stolen, since her collar was left on the ground. After looking on, they found their dog somewhere in the middle of the state (of Missouri).

The Web site showed that the family dog was in a mid-Missouri shelter."So I called them up and they said, 'Yeah, we had her but we shipped her to Kansas City,'" Mike Robinson said. The dog was in a shelter in Bunker. On Feb. 1, Raina was shipped to Wayside Waifs in Kansas City because of overflow.

This is where the "barely" happy ending comes in. Despite what they want you to believe, Wayside Waifs DOES kill for space, DOES kill animals that are completely healthy and DOES kill often. I know for a fact that Wayside kills kittens! I saw it with my own eyes as a volunteer. Click here to read my experience with Wayside Waifs.

These owners are lucky they found her in time...or she could be dead.

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