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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to Henry's Book Club! ASPCA to begin Humane Education book club for children and teens

We’re thrilled to announce the February 2008 launch of Henry’s Book Club! We’ll be spreading the joy of reading and teaching kids what it means to be humane through the pages of our ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award winners.

Fast Facts:

Henry’s Book Club, developed by ASPCA Humane Education experts for bookworms aged 5 through young adult.


Who: The club is named in honor of Henry Bergh, who founded the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1866. Born to a wealthy family and appointed by President Lincoln as a diplomat to Russia before starting the ASPCA, Bergh was a familiar figure on the streets of New York, donning a top hat (hence our mascot’s headwear!) and elegant attire while watching out for abuses against animals.

Why: Henry’s Book Club aims to help children develop literary and language skills. Through the club, they’ll meet new people, be exposed to other’s ideas and perspectives, gain a deeper understanding of books and learn to analyze what they read. Participation also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.

Where: We’re encouraging parents and teachers to help kids all over the country start their own Henry’s Book Clubs in their local communities, and we’ve also developed a virtual club for older readers to discuss books online in the ASPCA Online Community.

When: Every month, Henry’s Book Club will feature two books for kids—one for ages 5 to 8 and one for ages 9 and up. Teens can visit the ASPCA Online Community to find and discuss their book of the month.

Teachers and parents can read our start-up guide online for info on organizing a club. The ASPCA will provide a brief description of each book, polls, quizzes and a list of discussion questions for use at club meetings. Authors will also be featured as special guests and provide questions that can be included during club meetings.

For more information:

Just for Teens (13 & Up)
Join Henry’s Book Club online! Visit the ASPCA Online Community to see our featured book of the month. After you read the book, you can discuss what you liked and didn’t like about it with other teens across the country. We’ll also be hosting live chats with the authors!

Just for Kids (5 to 12 Years Old)
Visit ASPCA Animaland to learn how you can start your very own book club with your friends! We’ve picked out the books for you—one for ages 5-8 and one for ages 9 & up—and have some ideas on what you can talk about in your meetings.

Parents and Teachers
Wanna make a difference? We’ll tell you everything you need to organize a group of children who share an interest in animals and are dedicated to reading books.

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