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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$10 Spay/Neuter Feb. 25, 26 in Arizona

The City of Prescott and United Animal Friends are hosting a low cost spay/neuter clinic for dogs and cats on February 25th and 26th at the Petco on SR 69 and Walker Rd.
According to Community Planner, Ryan Smith, the cost for dogs will be $10 for either spay or neuter. "The balance of the surgery will be paid from a five-thousand dollar grant awarded by the AZ Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee."
The funds, explained Smith, are authorized through the sale of Arizona's "pet-friendly" license plate, which are used to increase spay and neuter efforts in our community. "City staff will be on hand to issue a dog license to anyone who may be interested. Rabies vaccinations will be available for patients undergoing surgery, but not to the general public," he added.
The City of Prescott Animal Control does not intake cats. Therefore, United Animal Friends will offer feline spay and neuter for a fee of $10.
The City works cooperatively with United Animal Friends to meet their goal of No More Homeless Pets, Yavapai County (NMHP). "By increasing the number of animals that are spayed and neutered, we will reduce the number of animals that come into Animal Control and other facilities. That saves lives and tax dollars," said Smith.
Veterinarians and medical facilities are provided by Plateauland Mobile Veterinary Clinic. To schedule an appointment on February 25th or February 26th, please call 928-526-5964 x200.
Hours of operation: Tuesday thru Sunday, 11am to 6pm (closed Monday). Cash is preferred. Income verification and proof of address required.
To order a pet-friendly license plate, click here then click on personalized /specialized plates. Or, call the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division at 800-251-5866.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

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