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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Checkers was adopted, Ramses went to live at the shelter and Annie is coming back...

Checkers was adopted yesterday!  A very nice family lost their cat due to illness last month and apparently, Checkers looks just like that cat!  I explained to them that Checkers still had a long way to go to be a normal house cat and they were understanding and receptive to my advice.  She would sit on my lap, let me pick her up (as long as I didn't stand up with her in my arms), I could pet her, and she would roll on her back and let me pet her belly.  She was very social with the other cats here, which is common for cats who have lived outside.  I feel really good about her new family.  I think Checkers will be very happy there.

I also brought Ramses to the shelter to live.  The family that adopted Checkers met Ramses and might come back to adopt him, too!  I told the mother of the family that Ramses and Checkers were very close and would like to live together, if they could.  The mother and son came to get Checkers and the mother said that she would have to talk to her husband because she couldn't come home with 2 cats!  So, we will see if they come back for him.

I brought Ramses to live at the shelter for two reasons.  Ramses wanted to be Gaby's friend and Gaby wanted nothing to do with him.  He would chase her (to play), he would hover over her and she was becoming more isolated because she wanted to hide from him. She hissed at him and swiped at him. Gaby is my cat and I have had her for almost 10 years.  My priority is my own cats, then the foster cats.

The other reason why I brought Ramses to the shelter is because he is now 7 months old and he has more exposure at the shelter.  Sometimes people come into the shelter and want to leave that day with a cat, so all of the cats in foster homes aren't considered.  It makes it easier for him to be adopted because the prospective parents don't have to wait for me to bring him to the shelter.

...on to Annie...

Annie did well when she was at the shelter at first.  Recently, she has withdrawn and is not making progress.  She is actually losing the progress she made at first.  So, she has two options: She can come back here and I can help her some more, or she can go live outside at a barn that we sometimes send cats to.  I haven't fully decided, but I am probably going to just bring her back here.  I want what is best for I haven't made up my mind just yet.

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