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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One month after Scratchy's death

Scratchy has been gone for one month today.  I am still emotional about her death.  I have specific images of her stuck in my mind of the process of her death.  If you don't know about Scratchy's death, please visit my previous posts about her.

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I am still angry that we lost her and I still sometimes think there might have been something else we could have done to save her.  That was not the case but I guess I am just wishing it were.  There is no cure for hemophilia.

The entire thing was just so sudden and drastic that I did not have time to comprehend what was going on.  It is still difficult to talk about her.  I like to remember the good times with her.  We have her picture on our table right inside the front door and another frame with 3 pictures of her hanging on the wall.  I don't want to forget her.

I don't regret putting her down.  I still believe that was the right decision.  I just wish she didn't have this in the first place.  The important thing is that she had a loving home and kitty friends for her short time on earth.

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