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Saturday, January 17, 2009

70 Dead Siamese Cats in Bags...

Authorities are trying to find out who stuffed 70 dead Siamese cats into seven large trash bags and dumped them onto a road in suburban San Antonio.
San Antonio television KABB reports the dead cats were found Thursday in the Guadalupe County town of Marion. The animals were all adults.
Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke says the cats appeared to have been kept in a freezer or refrigerator. They've been buried at a site in Guadalupe County.
Marion is located 23 miles east-northeast of San Antonio.
This sounds like a breeder to me.  With this economy, nobody really has money to buy a cat.  This is such a disgrace that a breeder, who supposedly cares about the animals they breed, would dump dead cats on the side of the road like trash.  I despise breeders simply due to the fact that I am out there, dealing with the pet overpopulation problem, and I see cats dumped, hit by cars, abused, etc.  We have far too many animals and breeders are only adding to the problem.  
I do believe that there are responsible (used in the loosest sense) breeders who do care about who buys their animals.  There are other breeders who don't care who buys them as long as they are gone. 
If you want a specific breed, contact breed rescues.  Breed rescues typically have one breed of cat or dog and that is all they deal with.  Also try general animal shelters because often times, they have a breed of cat or dog that you might want to adopt.  
Why buy from a breeder when you can save a life that was born to a stray-not to a deliberately impregnated animal.  Adopt-don't buy!


  1. Please don't lump all breeders together. The ones I know breed one litter every few years. It's the puppy mills that clog the system with tons and tons of inferior pets.

  2. I just cannot say that I agree with breeding any amount of cats or dogs, at any time. There may be "responsible" breeders but they are still breeding and creating life. Millions of animals are killed every year in shelters, some of those lives could be saved if breeders didn't exist.

  3. Purdue University Press is releasing a new book called, Inside Animal Hoarding, which profiles one of the largest and most intriguing cases of animal hoarding in recent history. Celeste Killeen's investigation pries open the door to Barbara Erickson's hidden and closely guarded life, offering an in-depth view of animal hoarding. Dr. Arnold Arluke's discussion follows the Erickson story with current research on animal hoarding and how it ties into the Erickson case. This integration of investigative journalism and scholarship offers a fresh approach with appeal to a broad audience of readers, those new to learning about the phenomenon, and those with first-hand experience in the animal welfare field.

  4. Thank you Celeste. I will have to get that book!


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