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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dozens of animals found dismembered in NC

Animal control investigators found a machete, several knives and bowls of blood when they went to McKenzie's home near Fremont on Dec. 3, after receiving a tip that animals were being badly treated.

Investigators found the remains of goats, dogs, snakes, a fox and a turtle. The body of a dog placed on what appeared to be a homemade grill was missing its head and front paws, and a plastic storage bag outside the home contained a puppy's head, investigators said.

Investigators also seized 26 living animals, including a sickly goat that had been unable to raise its head. Animal control authorities have said all the animals are improving.

McKenzie told authorities he had been studying taxidermy and using the animal bones for necklaces.

McKenzie has denied the animal cruelty charges, saying he was studying taxidermy and that he began picking up animal carcasses for that purpose.

He now faces a fourth charge because four dead owls were found on his property. Owls are protected under state law.

A Wayne County judge ruled that McKenzie must also pay the county for the upkeep of animals seized from his home in December.

Watch video here.
Read more about the case here .

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