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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cat wired to car exhaust, killed-Abuser is acquitted!

A local man tells police he was trying to send a woman a bizarre message... and the messenger was a dead animal. Investigators from SPCA Cincinnati filed a serious animal cruelty charge against 23 year-old Raymond Southerland.

SPCA officials arrived in Northside to find a gruesome example of animal cruelty. A tabby cat had been attached to the exhaust system of Mallory Fisher's van, wired in place with coat hangers.

Mallory Fisher, Van Owner: "I was floored, I couldn't believe anyone would actually do that. It was sick."

Rich Jaffe: "Mallory's van was actually parked right about here, on the corner of Chase Avenue in Northside, when early yesterday morning residents who had been walking by, saw the cat hanging from the rear of the van and called the SPCA."

Jennifer Schwaller, SPCA Cincinnati: "Found a cat that was wired underneath a van that belonged to Mallory, cat was dead at the time, blood all over it, had been there all night."

23 year-old Raymond Southerland told police he used the cat, because he wanted to send a message to his ex-housemate, Mallory Fisher.

"The only message that I got from that was that he was a complete idiot and disgusting, because I knew who did it, because I knew he had a dead cat in his refrigerator."

Southerland was charged initially with criminal mischief. However, investigators from SPCA Cincinnati have upgraded the charges to a top level misdemeanor, charging him with animal cruelty.

"What went through your mind when you saw it? I don't understand what kind of statement that could make to somebody, I don't understand what point that would make to somebody... It's pretty sick."

Southerland told reporters over the phone that it was just a prank, and he did it because Mallory Fisher owes him money, and that everyone's blowing the situation out of proportion.

Case Number: /08/CRB/16246
Judge: Richard Bernat
Date filed: 5/13/08
Race: W
Sex: M
Age: 22
Date of Birth:5/24/1986
Bond Amount: $2000 10% Cash
Count: Cruelty to Animals 959-131B ORCN
Disposition: 9/15/08 321 Acquitted by court (Found NOT GUILTY!)

Click on the link below to be taken to his court file.

Read more about the case...  

Here is the animal abusers address listed in his court file. (It may have changed since then)

Cincinnati    OH   45223

Write the judge:

Honorable Richard Bernat
Hamilton County Courthouse
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Be polite!  Being rude hurts our cause!
Click here for tips on letter writing!

Don't let the cat be forgotten!  This cat died a terrible, horrific death because of this dead beat's "prank"!  Sutherland admitted to doing it to the police and he was still acquitted!


  1. I thought your article said he had a dead cat in his fridge. that would indicate to me that it didn't necessarily die a horrible death. posting someone elses personal information on the net with what could be wrongly assumed cruelty is just completely irresponsible

  2. its only a cat...

  3. "Don't let the cat be forgotten! This cat died a terrible, horrific death because of this dead beat's "prank"! Sutherland admitted to doing it to the police and he was still acquitted!"

    "The only message that I got from that was that he was a complete idiot and disgusting, because I knew who did it, because I knew he had a dead cat in his refrigerator."

    The cat was already dead and was being stored in his fridge. The cat did not die from this incident. I have not read the added links though, in case it says otherwise in those.

  4. hahahahaha fuck that cat

  5. There were two cats involved. One dead cat in the refrigerator and one cat, belonging to Mallory Fisher, the van owner. I posted information that anyone on the internet could get off the court's website and

    Also, just because the judge acquitted him doesn't mean it wasn't cruelty. I think anyone would agree that this was cruelty. He used coat hangers to attach a cat to an exhaust pipe, who died from the injuries sustained while on the exhaust pipe. If you don't think that is cruelty, you need help!

  6. yeah....
    op, no one really cares....

  7. Anon, you must have cared enough to read the article then take the time to comment. Don't assume that nobody cares because a lot of people do.

  8. I find "kristy" FAR more intolerably fucking moronic than Mr Southerland.

  9. Are you kidding me? You need to get a life Rothko.

  10. kristy, thank you for posting this info as I will be writing the the judge about it.
    Also, you are taking there dim-witted morons who are replying very well as I would be flying off the handle by now. Oh well.
    Hmmm... you don't suppose it is the Hon. Richard Bernat who's made those replies, do you?

  11. I was about to rent the house on 4257 Williamson Place, but thanks to your inaccurate data I fear that my home would be damaged. You should consider removing the data when it is no longer correct.

  12. I copied the address directly from the court's website. I doubt the court is wrong. It may not be correct that the man lives there now, and I added " (It may have changed since then)". I will not remove information that was correct at the time of the posting especially since I put the disclaimer that he may have moved after it was posted (as accurate) on the court's website.

    Go ahead *rent* the house.


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