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Friday, January 30, 2009

Badly injured kitten healed herself!

Not many cats can give vets the kind of jaw-dropping double-take that C.C. pulled off. But then, C.C. is no ordinary girl. When C.C. was found as a stray kitten, she was injured badly. She couldn’t use her back legs, she had a fractured pelvis, and she was incontinent.
C.C. had been living as a feral kitten and learned to be afraid of people. Still, the folks who found her knew she needed help. They wouldn’t take no for an answer! She came to Best Friends for emergency care.

At Best Friends, she received all the medical help she needed. (Along with some TLC she didn’t think she needed!) It was obvious from the beginning that she would require long-term special care. A shelter specializing in incontinent cats heard about C.C. and offered to take her once she was healthy enough to travel. Until then, C.C. had a cozy bed and all the comforts she wanted right at Best Friends.

It’s amazing, though, what a determined kitten can do. That TLC worked wonders, even though C.C. resisted affection at first. Not only did she start trusting people, she began to feel better … lots better. In fact, as her body grew and matured, it seemed to miraculously fix itself. She lost the limp and started using the litter box more often than could be considered accidental.
The vets and caregivers wondered if she was regaining continence. Nerve damage hardly ever reverses, but all signs pointed to a complete recovery for C.C. So, they monitored her closely during a trial period without expressing her bladder. 

Call it luck, call it a miracle, but C.C. passed with ease! After many days of observation, she was pronounced cured. The only thing left from her injuries now is a slightly crooked tail, but even that looks somehow exotic on C.C.
The shelter that had offered to take her bowed out once they learned she was no longer incontinent. After all, they need the space for harder-to-place cats. So C.C. decided to call Best Friends her home for now. But, with all the tricks she has up her sleeve, it won't be long before she woos a family of her own. Welcome, C.C. What a way to turn those medical books upside down!

Story by David Dickson
Photo by Molly Wald

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