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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ohio man who starved dogs, some to death, to be sentenced Jan 22.

Steven Croley, the owner of High Caliber K-9 boarding and training facility, entered a not guilty plea to animal cruelty charges. After police and humane agents found seven dead dogs, and eight starving dogs at his business earlier this week. 

"Bones, carcasses, decay, it was horrible, it was enough to make you gag and throw up and cry", says Nikole Owen, CEO of Animal Charity.

Twelve of the dogs are now recovering at Animal Charity on South Avenue, while agents try to track down the animal's owners to let them know if their pets are alive or dead.

Meanwhile, Croley's home and business on Coitsville-Hubbard Road has been hit by vandals. The words "killer" and "I kill dogs" spray painted across signs, cars and broken windows.

Croley told humane agents he couldn't afford to feed or take care of the dogs he was training and boarding, but Owen said she spoke with a couple of the dog's owners this week, and they say that's not the case.

"A woman saying that she gave him over four hundred dollars, and another woman paid him over four hundred dollars just last week. So he had money...what he did with it, I don't know, but he was not feeding the animals with it", says Owen.

Another question has to do with the charges. Croley was originally charged with nineteen counts of animal cruelty and neglect, but was arraigned on only four counts in court, and that has the folks at Animal Charity upset. Owen says,

Local prosecutors office:

Joseph "Jay" R. Macejko
4th floor city hall
26 south phelps street
Youngstown ohio 44503
PHONE: 330.742.8791
FAX: 330.742.8794

Judge Robert A. Douglas, Jr.
Youngstown Municipal Court
265 Phelps Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
PHONE: 330.742.8857
FAX: 330.742.8725

Email for the Judge's (Judge Robert A. Douglas, Jr.) assistant:

Contact info for the Ohio State Attorney General (Nancy H. Rogers):
PHONE: 877-244-6446

For more information, please visit 

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