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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pet Stages Dental Health Chews Product Review

I bought these for my newest cat, Artie, because he has been chewing on cords. He is still young, 7 months, so he tossed this around for about 5 minutes then lost interest. Until...I put it in catnip! He loved it and played with it for about 15 minutes that time. I also want him and my other cats to chew on these because they are supposed to help reduce tartar on their teeth due to their design.

Two of my adult cats also liked them-with catnip of course!

They feel very sturdy and ready to be chewed on by many kitties. They are also in fun colors with different type of materials.

I think I would buy these again simply because it is something that is meant to be chewed on and help their teeth. I don't think any cat would touch this without catnip though.

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