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Friday, January 30, 2009

Peta was going to spend $3 MILLION dollars on Superbowl Ad!

Isn't Peta a non profit organization?  Aren't they funded solely on donations?  They were willing to pay THREE MILLION dollars to get a superbowl ad, which was rejected by the way.

For one thing, they are used as "experts" in all kinds of news stories, interviews, etc.  They kill almost every single animal they obtain, under the owner's false hope that they will find good homes for their animals.  They lie to the owners but kill the animals.  They have one of the highest donation rates to their organization (I use that word loosely).  They compare eating meat to one of the most tragic times in human history (the Holocaust).  Geez, I could go on and on...

I can't believe people are not up in arms about their donated money going for killing animals and paying 3 million dollars for a 30 second ad on tv.  I understand they want their propaganda ad on national tv during one of the most watched game of the year, but come on!

Peta has a low cost spay/neuter clinic .  According to their website, they charge $40 to spay or neuter a cat.  They could have fixed $75,000 cats with that three million dollars...oh much does it cost them to kill them?  They don't want to fix cats, they want to kill them. Ahh!  I really can't stand Peta.

Click here to watch banned the commercial.

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