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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Arkansas Senate Unanimously Passes Animal Cruelty Bill

Update Jan. 23, 2009: This bill is moving fast through the Arkansas legislature. The Senate has now passed it 34-0! 
The bill moves to the House. Contact Arkansas House members and urge them to vote yes on S.B. 77.
Read Animal Law Coalition's earlier reports below for more information and a copy of this bill.
Update Jan. 21, 2009: Today, the Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee approved S.B. 77 on a voice vote.
Here is a copy of the bill.
For more on this bill and why you should urge Arkansas legislators to support it, read Animal Law Coalition's earlier report below. 
Original report: The promised felony animal cruelty bill, S.B. 77, has been introduced.
If it passes, Arkansas will have for the first time a law that makes animal cruelty a felony in some circumstances.
Right now, Arkansas is one of a few states where animal cruelty is not a felony no matter the circumstances. Efforts to make some animal cruelty a felony has failed in past legislative sessions. 
The Arkansas Farm Bureau, representing 227,000 farmers in the state, has said it will support this legislation as has the Arkansas Poultry Federation.

Read more here...

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