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Friday, January 23, 2009

Puppy Nearly Frozen-Abuser Failed to Appear in Court!

A Indiana woman faces animal cruelty charges after she abandoned a 16-month-old puppy recently.

A group of Myrtle Beach Firefighters from Station One found the Terrier mix outside of a house on Warren Street on the morning of January 16th.

Animal Control officers tell News 13 the puppy was found shivering in below freezing temperatures with no water, food or shelter.

City police spoke with the homeowner who told them that the puppy's owner, who is just a visitor, does not care to bring the animal inside because there was an infant in the house. Police, who did not release the name of the pet owner, contacted the woman and charged her with animal cruelty.

A court date was scheduled for Wednesday morning but the owner failed to appear.

Police are now looking for the woman who must now pay $469.00 or serve 20 days in jail.

Responding animal control officer, Steve Trott tells News 13 that abandoning an innocent animal is unfortunate in itself but what makes the situation even worse, is when pet owners don't realize the consequences they later have to face.

"If you mistreat your animal you've committed a crime to the animal so you're either going to be charged with some kind of an offense and possibly go to jail," explained Trott. "Your animal is going to be confiscated and taken away so that she can probably get a better home."

The puppy was turned over to the Grand Strand Humane Society where its employees say cases like this are happening way too often and cannot understand why pet owners who cannot take responsibility find another way to care for their animals.

"If you're going to abuse an animal leave an animal chained outside, someone is going to see that and someone is going to call animal control and you are going to be in trouble for it," said Cara Gibbs, Marketing and Public Relations manager at the adoption shelter. "It's against the law, animal cruelty is against the law and as long we're here as long as animal control is here, we're going to do everything to stop it."

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